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About - What does it do? is a leading source for free hosting of files, videos, images and music. Our free file hosting service provides security, reliability, fast uploading and downloading times. We allow files as large as 5 GB (5000 MB) to be uploaded which is considerably larger than most free file hosting sites. The best thing about is that there is no registration or login required and it's 100% free. - What can you use it for?

You can use for the following activities free of charge and without the need to register or login:

Save storage space on your computer - Instead of using up your valuable hard drive space on your PC you can use as free storage for your documents or files. Simply upload your files and store them for as long as you like. (Important: Make sure you access your files at least once a month as we delete files that have not been downlaoded for 15 days).

Back-up your documents or files online - Instead of paying for expensive online backup services why not upload your files and documents to It's fast, free and secure and you can access your file whenever you want. (Important: Make sure you access your files at least once a month as we delete files that have not been downlaoded for 15 days).

File Sharing - allows you to share files, images, videos or music with your friends, family, co-workers or anyone you like. Simply upload your file and you will be given a link code which you can email or add to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, your favorite blog, chat forum, or any website that you choose.

Protect your privacy or confidentiallity - If there are documents or files that you do not want to be public on your own PC you can simply upload them to and then access them whenever you want without having to store them on your own computer. - A little history.

Created during the summer of 2006, had a sharplooking design and no web presence, but that quickly changed. As the summer came to a close people started to take notice. After upgrading the design and adding the "Advanced File Uploader", the traffic went through the roof. Before we knew it the servers had to be upgraded and we were competiting with the top file hosts. It became apparent that we had a few traits that made our hosting site unique.

Everyone at one time or another has a large file or image that they want to host. One thing about the popular file hosts is they always require registration. Not only do you give up a lot of information to them, they only allow you to upload a small number of files before having too upgrade to the paid membership. has a different approach. We do not require registration, have no wait time to download the file, and blazing fast and efficient servers to complete the package. Reliability and listening to our members is our top priority.

We want to hear the users input, even if it's an idea, suggestion, everything will be considered and would be help, please fill out the form on the contact us page with anything similar to that.

In order to complete with the best we need to host the best and please our loyal users. When somebody is happy with a service they are that much more likely to tell a friend, family member, or co-worker about it!

Plans for 2009 include an improved design, rewards for uploading and downloading images and files, more embedding options, and making even easier to use.

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